Die Casting manufacture companyCNM Die Casting is your one-stop, complete service Die Caster for various die casting parts including aluminum die casting, investment casting, sand casting. We offer you a single source for engineered die castings, together with cutting-edge engineering resources, advanced production capabilities and complete secondary finishing.

CNM Die Casting supplies high-quality aluminum, zinc, brass and magnesium die castings. We operate our casting factory in DongGuan, China for various castings, machining, assembly and die building, with over 20,000 square feet of total floor space.

We are a leader in innovative quality control systems. Our quality manufacturing system includes a process failure detection system

at every casting press. Rigorous 100% inspection is as much a production operation as any other manufacturing step and is woven into the sequential standardized work to assure manufacturing quality in finishing and machining.

As one of the divisions of CNM Manufacturing Group, CNM Die Casting can be more responsive to its customers and, simultaneously, offer more competitive, “made in China” pricing on quality products.


CNM Die Casting’s tooling department builds dies with state-of-the-art equipment.

Along with our experienced engineering and tooling department, we design tooling and assist customers with casting design issues. Excellent control of design and tool building allows us to produce high quality tools and parts at lower cost, and more quickly than anyone else in the industry.

Our Engineering and Tooling Department offers:

Tool Engineers to ensure specifications and dimensional criteria are met to the customer’s requirements

Design Engineers with the latest CAD/CAM technologies to design both product and tooling for the customer’s specification.

Technical on-site product design assistance for die castings

Production tooling built with CNC machines by in-house full capability large tooling facility state-of-the-art

EDM machines rapidly burn cavities to near-finished condition with oscillating feed.

Prototyping in the same tooling intended for production

Production tools are built with premium grade materials