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Die casting is a casting liquid die forging method. Die casting die forging process is a kind of special casting forging machine to accomplish the process. Its basic technological process is: first metal liquid in low or high speed casting filling into the mold cavity, a die casting mold has two half which are cavity and core can be opened by the casting injection machine,

Die casting technology is a method of using high pressure forced the molten metal into complex shapes of hydraulic die within a precision casting mold. In 1964, Japan Die Casting Association for die casting is defined as” in the high temperature melting alloy pressing precision molds, in a short time a large number of production of high precision and excellent casting surface”.

The United States said casting for Aluminum Die Casting, the UK High Pressure Die Casting is called die casting, and the most common domestic industry are familiar with is the Japanese version, called die casting. Through the method of die casting produced in the casting, is called die casting or Die castings.

Base on your requirement there are normally three type of die casting which is more popular in the market, there magnesium die casting, zinc die casting, aluminum die casting,

We are professional with those die casting services, below are some of custom casting parts we made for our customers.


Aluminium Die Casting

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Magnesium Die Casting

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Zinc Die Casting

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