Aluminum Die-casting is a high pressure die casting process that is characterized by injection molten metal or alloy under high pressure into a die casting mold cavity. With this aluminum alloy forming technology, the led cabinets housing frame requires high precision dimension, lightweight, high strength, base on this requirement, metal sheet and aluminum profile process is not possible to meet make this high precision led cabinets housing frame, in that case, the die-casting aluminum process to make led display cabinets have become the mainstream in the led display market.
The seems very simple when we see the led display frame, only need to make mold and production, that it,

But if you think the difference is only the aesthetical design, you may be wrong. The raw material adopted, and the experience of die casting production technology determines the quality of aluminum die casting led cabinets housing.
If we are talking about the connection precision between the each led cabinet, the depth of led housing, the weight of cabinet, and the cabinet housing strength, all of this item requires the high technology, most of the high-pressure aluminum die-casting led cabinet you could source in the market but you must find the right one who offers the best quality about the material, precision, strength, etc.


So sometimes, to make your purchasing decision upon the cost of the goods. But that must be in the premise of the same other components such as modules, PSU, etc. Usually, the low-cost aluminum die-casting led outdoor display cabinet is made from “public die casting mold”, i.e. every led display manufacturer could buy this die-casting led cabinet housing from the vendor and assemble their modules & components onto it.
In this case, the aluminum die-casting housing cabinets themselves are the same, but how about the modules and other components?  So a further investigation is a requirement when you talk with the led display companies.

If you’re not satisfied with a common aluminum die casting cabinet housing, and you want to have your own LED display cabinet to satisfy your special clients, then you need to open a new aluminum die casting mold, to make aluminum die casting tooling for the LED outdoor display cabinet is very high cost, if you only need a few hundred of LED cabinet housing, we suggest you not make your own die casting tooling.
There are many options from different led display die casting companies as well. If you don’t have much experience in China led displays, you may feel confused about what is the high-end rental led display?

When you buy a led outdoor display cabinet housing, we suggest you make sure something before ordering.
First, get more information about the modules, the PSU, the control system, and other components and the technical features. For a high quality led display, that all the components are specially designed and adopted. everything must be different and outstanding?

Second, no matter indoor & outdoor or different pixel pitch modules, they all share one die casting mold. To make special die casting mold that cost is very high,, so that makes sense the led display company would normally use one die casting mold for all the possible options.

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