What Die Casting Services That we offer you.

Die Casting including

Aluminum Die Casting, part weight up to 12kg, we have die casting machines from 120 tons to 1650 tons,

Zinc Die Casting, part weight up to 2kg, we have zinc die casting machines from 80 tons to 300 tons

Magnesium die casting, part weight up to 12kg, we have die casting machines from 120 tons to 1650 tons,

Die Casting Tooling, we can make mold weight up to 25 Ton.

Plastic Mold & Molding Service

Plastic Mold making and plastic injection molding service, we can make various type of plastic injection molding, cold tunner mold, hot runner mold, muiltiple cavities mold, over mold, two shot mold(sometimes we call 2k mold, double injection molding or mold), thread mold etc. we can make mold and molded parts base on your 3D part design, or samples, we can make on stop service from part design, mold design mold manufacturing, part production, painting and assembly. we have full set up mold manufacturing equipment, to check our mold manufacturing equipment please go to  https://www.thediecasting.com/machine-list/

We have 25 injection molding machines to produce plastic molded parts for our customer, 3 of them are double injection molding machines, if you want to know more information about our plastic molding service capacity, please email us by mike@thediecasting.com, we will explain more to you and will do the technical supporting to your project.

Secondary Processes

We offer shotblasting,Vibratory Deburr, Ball Burnish,Sanding, dipping, Polishing, Anodizing and Chrome. Powder and Wet Paint. Full CNC machining abilities

Engineering & Tooling Making

We Design and build die cast tooling and plastic mold using the highest quality of steel to insure the high quality molds, like 1.2343,1.2344, 1.8407,SKD 61 etc. We do full 3D mold design for every die casting tooling & plastic molds. the software we use UG,Pro/e, CAD etc.

Quality Assurance and Control

We have lots of inspection mathods including, CMM, projector, destructive testing, hand tools, gages, test jigs and shot monitoring