Powder Coating

We offer powder coating, Chrome coasting, painting, anodizing surface finishing for all of aluminium die casting parts,

Powder coating is a process where a finely ground powder is sprayed at very low pressure from an electrically charged gun. The cleaned and bare metal part is grounded, the gun is charged to 10,000 volts to give the particles a very high electrical charge. The particles are instantly drawn to the part, adhering to the charged surface. The part is then baked (high-temperature cured) and, as soon as it is cooled, is ready to go.

Powder Coating is much more hard wearing than traditional painting or spraying, powder coating extends the life of Aluminum die Casting parts, often in harsh outdoor environments. Some example applications for powder coating include:

Handrails for stairs and steps
We manufacture bespoke and modular handrails and ramp systems at our facility. 

Automotive parts and assemblies
We have coated parts for midlands small volume sports car manufacturers where our personal service and attention was essential.

Aluminium Casting Enclosures
Coating Alumnium Die Casting enclosures and roadside boxes extends the life and helps protect the electronics and internals through preventing corrosion.

If your aluminum die casting, magnesium die casting or zinc die casting need powder coating surface. We’re offering Powder coating a test piece for you free of charge. This is a genuine offer to any business who requires powder coating for any of casting parts which we produce for you.