Zamak 3 zinc casting

We offer ZAMAK 3 die casting for manufacturing ZAMAK 3 products. Our ZAMAK 3 products, productions capabilities, and warehousing facilities will give you quality parts at competitive prices. ZAMAK 3 is the most popular of the ZAMAK series of alloys for zinc die casting due to its castability and dimensional stability.

ZAMAK 3 Properties:

Ultimate Tensile Strength: psi x 103 (MPa)41 (283)
Yield Strength – 0.2% Offset: psi x 103 (MPa)32 (221)
Elongation: % in 2″10
Shear Strength: psi x 103 (MPa)31 (214)
Hardness: Brinell82
Impact Strength: ft-lb (J)432 (58)
Fatigue Strength Rotary Bend – 5×108 cycles: psi x 103 (MPa)6.9 (48)
Compressive Yield Strength 0.1% Offset: psi x 103 (MPa)604 (414)
Modulus of Elasticity – psi x 106 (MPa x 103)12.46 (85.5)
Poisson¡¯s Ratio0.27
Density: lb/cu in (g/cm3).24 (6.6)
Melting Range: ¡ãF (¡ãC)718-728 (381-387)
Electrical Conductivity: %IACS27
Thermal Conductivity: BTU/ft/hr/¡ãF (W/m/hr/¡ãC)65.3 (113.0
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 68-212¡ãF µin/in/¡ãF (100-200¡ãC µm/mm/¡ãC)15.2 (27.4)
Specific Heat: BTU/lb/¡ãF (J/kg/¡ãC).10 (419)
Pattern of Die Shrinkage: in/in.007

Zinc Die Castings Applications

Sporting Goods

– Cost-saving approaches to machined components;

– Coatings to match mating zinc parts;

– Strength for tough applications;

Zamak 3 die casting

Zamak 3 die casting


– Innovative capabilities;

– Precision designs as cast;

– For use in many difficult applications;


– Multiple cavities for cost savings;

– Multislide;


– Many sizes of panel nuts already tooled;

– High speed tapping capabilities;


– Four slide technology to eliminate costly secondary;

– Barrel plating for electroless nickel offers cost-effective protection and aesthetics;

– Excellent conductive alloys;

Fiber Optics

– Capable of casting complex designs;

– Close tolerance, as cast, components;

– Equipment and experience to provide small components;


– Thin wall castings with the strength to hold up in applications;

– Surface finishes provide wear resistance ;

– Alloys designed for application specifics ;


– Capability to incorporate multiple components into a single zinc casting ;

– Corrosion-resistant castings and platings ;

– Secondary tapping capabilities ;

– Zinc is an excellent dampening material ;

The Detail of Zamak 3 zinc casting 
Model No: Zamak 3 zinc casting
ProductName: Zamak 3 or 5 die casting
Product Origin: China
Brand Name: CNM TECH
Price Terms: FOB SZ
Payment Terms: T/T CIF L/C
Supply Ability:  300,000-400,000sets/month
Delivery Lead Time: around 30 days
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