triple barrel curling irons

To be able to find the right curling iron tool is a very challenging experience, a lot of women, hairstylist have to go through so many brands until they find the right one. Whether your hair is a natural curl or wavy, the right curling iron helps to enhance your curls. Of course all that luscious curls would natural depend on what kind of barrel has been used.  After reading this article you’ll know which types are best suited for your hair and the style you desire.

Types of Curling Irons to Use at Home

  • Flat Curling Iron – Use this curling iron to straighten hair.  The iron consists of two flat heated paddles which, when pressed together, remove curls for the hair between them.  Flat curling Iron work with all types of hair.  In addition, you can use a flat curling iron to introduce a subtle wave into naturally flat hair.
  • Crimping Curling Iron – When you crimp hair you get short kinky curls.  This curling iron works best on medium to longer length hair.  Crimping Irons were very popular in the 80’s.
  • Wave Curling Iron – The wave curling iron’s undulating surface (It is wide, skinny, and wide again), produces natural wavy hair.  Rather than creating curly which wrap upon themselves, this iron is used to create great volume and nice S waves in longer hair.  This iron isn’t good on short hair.
  • Single Barrel Curling Iron – The single barrel curling iron is the simplest curling iron to use.  IT consists of a single heated barrel.  Hair is then wrapped around the barrel.  The barrel head heats the hair to create the curl.
  • Double Barrel Curling Iron – Great looking S curls are created by weaving your hair through two heated barrels.  Using this iron is similar to a single barrel iron; it is easy to use.  This iron is best used on longer length hair.
  • 3 Barrel Curling Iron – For bohemian style curls you can’t beat this curling iron.  Three barrels create beautiful tight and wavy curls.  This iron is all the rage today in Hollywood.  Again, this iron is best for longer hair.

Irons for Professionals

Professional stylists use a Marcel curling iron.   The main difference between this curling iron and a the one you use at home is that your curling iron has a prong loaded grip which you must press to keep hair against the barrel.  The Marcel curling iron uses a level design.  Rotate the lever one way and the hair is pressed against the hot barrel, reverse the level to release the hair.

   Professionals use this iron as it gives them ultimate control on setting your hair.  You can use one to, except for one issue.  It is hard to use a Marcel curling iron on your own hair.  The lever design is better suited when working on someone else’s hair and not your own.