Street light housing

Aluminum Die casting has been proven as an ideal way to create various parts components of street lighting housing with assorted materials which range from; copper, zinc, aluminum, and lightweight aluminum alloys. Die casting operation guarantees dimensional precision which needs little or no machining required for finished the merchandise, the experts claim that die casting lighting housing is economically conceivable. And the several properties of aluminum can make it a great metal for designing die casting.

Custom aluminum die casting street lighting housing is precious, unique, and not avoidable while in the light industry. just invest little cash for the die casting parts for street lighting housing, and you will create brand across the world.

Die Casting Lighting Housing

Right now it is a great time for led light industry. CNM TECH is Aluminum Die Casting led lighting housing makers, with xx years experience in Die casting, powder coating, Computer numerical control (CNC) machining, and so forth and provide the best die casting service for fixtures of different brand and for many parts for street lighting housing.

What Is Actually Custom Die Cast Lighting Housing?

This indicates you send out the drawing to die casting company and pay the die casting mold cost. And the supplier of die casting produce die casting light housing according to your drawing. They just can sell your owner product for you personally. No one other client can obtain your design. Therefore it’s your own unique design and style for the LED light housing parts in the marketplace.

What Is Actually Public Die Casting Lighting Housing?

That die casting supplier produces their particular light housing copy of few styles on the market. They sell to all clients. Therefore you observe the die casting LED lighting housing are all around the marketplace and not unique.

The Things CNM TECH Die Casting Company Perform?

We devoted our best experience to the die casting industry for the light firms. CNM TECH offers 8 years of experience in the LED street lighting marketplace. Therefore we constantly make custom made outdoor floor light housing. Therefore we do not make public die casting, and we are not going to demonstrate private drawing to the different light firms, we only make die casting street lighting housing for other die casting LED lighting housing according to customer design, and we will never sell those die casting housing parts to any other third parties.

Our company built and delivered die casting aluminum elements on the highest standard. Constantly employing raw materials of the top grade and advanced equipment

– Some Of The Die Casting Parts For Street Lighting Housing That We Can Make

*- Led Housings
*- Street Light Enclosure
*- high pressure die casting shell
*- led street light body
*- outdoor flood light housing

CNM TECH aluminum die casting solutions for LED lighting manufacturing parts are utilized in a number of leading marketplaces. We fulfill customers’ requirements for top quality demands which range from Housing for the heat sink, coolers, Housing intended for the light frame. We consider your wonderful satisfaction in our capability to decrease the manufacturing and tooling expenses.

How You Can Custom Die Cast Aluminum Street Lighting Housing Parts With CNM TECH Services?

1- Clients send out the IGS/STEP drawings or perhaps sample to us to get an offer.

2- We will certainly discuss the main points to fulfill Castability.

3- Following customer`s approval on our rates, we will send out our three dimensional molding sketching for acceptance.

4- Following approving the 3D molding design, we will begin the production of the tooling/mold following the first deposit of mold/tooling cost paid out.

5- Following mold/tooling finished, will send that samples for customers examine;

6- Following samples accepted, will certainly put together the production on trial order following customer’s payment to get the balance for that mold/tooling cost.

– So Why Choose CNM TECH As Lighting Housing die casting manufacturer?

*- We are a good factory. We offer you one-stop service, right from mold design and style to part production for metallic aluminum die casting
*- Very good communication with every of our client, specifically ready to talk about the details of your drawings.
*- years in custom made die casting led light fitting, outdoor light fittings, street light die casting case by led streets light housing companies
*- Weight variety of all die casting devices: length:2M, weight: 5g~40 kg.
*- Aluminum Die-cast equipment tonnage sizes: 300T,500T,800T,1250T,2000T
*- Surface finish and Surface Treatment: powder covering, polishing, sandblasting done in house
*- Supplementary Machining: Deburring, Tapping, Drilling, Polishing, CNC Machining, Assemblage
*- best die casting provider of Discolor, Philip, Dianming, and many others
*- ISO9001 and as well, TS16949 Die Casting Manufacturer with CMM
*- Numerous professional experiences plus more than two decades manufacturing track record
*- Right from design and style, casting, screening to delivery service exports provide a 100% solution,
*- Super accuracy, affordable selling price, and quick delivery service
*- Superb QC, QA systems assure top quality
*- Available for Original Equipment Manufacturing OEM and ODM solutions
*- High accuracy, top quality Resilient elements hold long.
*- Cast Effective Rate, High-strength, compact design.
*- Body-material: Aluminum Alloy Die Casting.
*- Very easily Assembly.
*- Client-Oriented & Top quality Adherence.
*- Dimensional Precision and Harmony.
*- Endure High Operating Temperature ranges.
*- Certainly Driveled on Time.
*- Aluminum Die-cast light Housing
*- With the top quality.
*- Diverse surface treatment ISO9001: 2008 qualification.
*- Longevity of Housing and Defend the light source.

Call us today and discover more and also observe how we can save you money and time on crafted parts for street lighting housing components.if you want led light fittings. Led street light housing, Led Casing, please feel free to get in touch