Wholesale aluminum die casting manufacturer

Machining and Finishing Operations For Ready-To-Assemble Die Casting Parts.

Over 20 years, CNM die casting company, Incorporated has provided high-quality aluminum, magnesium, and zinc die casting parts and services. CNM TECH specializes in the design, engineering, and production of complex die-cast parts in a broad range of sizes. Our experienced team of engineers, technicians, designers, machinists, finishers, and production staff excel at producing precision castings that are meticulously machined to tight tolerances, finished to customer specifications, and delivered ready for assembly.

Regardless of quantity, part type, alloy, cast-and-trim to cosmetic finish, CNM TECH is a solution driven die-casting partner that works with you to produce the best possible products cost-effectively and efficiently.

In order to supply ready-to-assemble component die casting parts, CNM TECH Die Casting manufacturer maintains a fully-equipped production machine shop. It’s staffed with machinists experienced in working with aluminum and zinc. Here, modern machine tools, supported by regular maintenance and a statistical process control program, can turn out production quantities of high-quality parts to meet your manufacturing schedules. CNM TECH has the capability of handling machining requirements where tolerances must be held to a few ten-thousandths of an inch and where production quality control records must be provided.

Die Casting ManufacturerCNM TECH also maintains close working relationships with local suppliers of a variety of finishing services such as plating, anodizing and painting. This assures you of a smooth flow of work through a single, responsible source and, at the same time, provides access to a wide variety of finishing options.

Inventory capabilities to meet your just-in-time production needs.

CNM TECH warehouses parts inventories for customers with just-in-time production schedules. Once a predetermined inventory level has been established, we can set manufacturing schedules to maintain the stock you require. Actual parts delivery is aided by our central location and easy access to interstate highways.

Let’s talk about the difference that quality can make in your die casting parts.

If you’re interested in lowering your current casting reject rate or if you feel your part quantities are reaching a volume that can justify die casting, please give us a call. We’ve invested a lot of ourselves in maintaining tight quality control standards and we’d like to put that investment to work for you.

Finished parts can be packed to any specification for timely delivery anywhere in the country. CNM TECH’s location puts the entire upper Midwest within the overnight delivery time.